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  • Elaine Henley
    I work as an animal behaviourist, and as such, I have had experience of Anna’s treatment of both humans and non-humans. I first chanced upon Anna, after I dislocated my knee, after falling over a dog, which was professionally embarrassing! After spending hundreds of pounds on private physiotherapy and spending months walking with a walking stick and taking very strong painkillers, two sessions with Anna and I was able to throw away the stick and the painkillers! I then discovered that Anna also treated animals; many of the animals that I am asked to assist are aggressive as a result of pain and or injury, so I suggested to owners to consult with Anna. One such dog was a rescue labrador, who I noticed was not able to hold her tail in a normal manner; this resulted in the dog displaying false signalling towards other dogs (she displayed her tail in an aggressive manner), when other dogs naturally reacted to this aggressive display she was forced to defend herself. In time, she learned to attack first before being attacked. Following treatment with Anna, to correct the tail problem, this dog was able to communicate effectively with other dogs and with additional behaviour modification she now has doggy friends for the very first time!

    Elaine Henley P.G.Dip CABC
    Full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors

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