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Anna Potter, Emelyne Gilabert, Sophie Loughe (on Maternity leave) Anna Potter, Emelyne Gilabert, Sophie Loughe  | Glasgow Osteopathy
Our aim as Osteopaths, is to get people feeling better as quickly as possible.

Aches and pains are there for a reason and are signs that your body isn’t working correctly.

Injuries, bad posture and unnecessary tension are acquired as we go through life. The body tries to heal the problems, but if the strain is too great to heal fully, it then compensates. Gradually these injuries build up until the body is no longer able to compensate. This is when symptoms such as stiffness or pain develop.

As Ostoepaths, we understand exactly why you have pain and what is happening to the tissues. Treatment is necessary to realign and increase the function of your body. This will then decrease the pain and symptoms you are feeling, improve the quality of the tissues and increase range of motion of the joints, so you get long term relief.

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Client Testimonials

" Over the period of a year I had suffered from a very painful neck, shoulder and back which was getting worse. I attended a Physiotherapist over a period of 4 months which I feel didn’t improve things any. A friend suggested I should try a Cranial Osteopath. I made an appointment to see Anna Potter, who was hands on from the very first appointment and I felt a huge improvement. After just 3 appointments the stiffness has significantly reduced and the pain has all but gone. I would recommend this treatment to anyone. "

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Hints & Tips

Sitting Comfortably at Work ...

  1. Height adjust your seat so your arms can rest on the desk at right angles or so your wrists are slightly lower than your elbows.
  2. If your feet do not rest on the floor comfortably use a foot rest.
  3. Make sure you are able to lean against the back rest, pull your chair in closer to the desk to achieve this.
  4. Adjust the back rest so it is slightly back from upright. If the seat is upright, your back muscles have to continue working to keep you from falling forwards.
  5. Change your position regularly and get up and move around.
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